Give Attendees The Power To Do Business

Providing mobile device charging amenity at Conferences and Trade Shows is essential in today’s world. The success of your attendee’s communication and their ability to work throughout the day increases when sponsored charging stations are available. ChargeUp helps your attendees remain in contact with the outside world while in attendance. Also, more and more transactions on the trade show floor or during meetings are completed with a tablet or mobile device. Having a charged battery is critical now more than ever.

Sponsors Love To Brand Our Stations

If your sponsors are looking for a unique and effective way to stand out, ChargeUp provides the perfect opportunity. Sponsors will not only provide an essential service to guests, but our stations also give them beautiful custom branding in front of a captive, happy audience.

Be sure to ask about our turnkey, full-service install and delivery options. We handle all logistics while making this easy and affordable for you.

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