Keep Your Fans In The Game

Fans at sporting events use their mobile devices for everything. Keeping in touch with family and friends, taking photos and videos of the action, commenting and posting on social media, following fantasy sports, watching replays, looking up stats and more. All that action takes a toll on a device’s battery, and if you want to keep your fans in the game, give them the power to keep their devices going. That’s why a ChargeUp Station is imperative in today’s sporting environment. People don’t just come to a game to watch live sports, they come to be a part of the action, and for many people that means staying connected to the world outside of the stadium as well.

Make Your Fans’ Experience Unforgettable

Using a mobile device to catch a moment in history is a huge part of attending live events. Your fans are seeing something which is completely unique, and many of them want to capture that moment to share with friends, on social media, and to have as a personal memento. Missing out on that moment because of a low or depleted battery can ruin the experience for many fans. Having a Charging Station nearby to keep them powered up for the big moment is key to ensuring all your fans will leave the game satisfied and keep them coming back for more!

Branding For Sponsorships

With our creative options and engagement opportunities, your sponsors and advertisers will gain brand awareness while offering a much-needed amenity to a captive audience. Give us a call to discuss how we can help partner with you.

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