The Power Your Campus Needs To Succeed

ChargeUp Your Campus

ChargeUp Stations are the perfect solution to keeping your student body and faculty engaged and powered up. With the prevalence of mobile devices, especially in the millennial generation, perhaps no place requires the power provided by ChargeUp as much as a school campus. Communicating with classmates, friends, teachers, and parents is essential for success, and having a ChargeUp station in hallways, cafeterias, student unions, libraries, and dorms is the best way to guarantee it.

Make Safety A Top Priority

Safety is of the utmost importance on campuses, and students rely on mobile devices to maintain that safety now more than ever. Whether it is letting their family and friends know where they are, getting appropriate directions, using a phone flashlight, getting a ride, or calling for help, the applications are endless. That is why it is important to give your student body the ability to charge up at anytime

Keep Students In The Loop

High School students are at a precarious age where they are social and independent but are often in need of assistance from their peers and adults. Maintaining communications with their friends and family is often a high priority, and a drained battery can throw a wrench into anyone’s plans. Having a ChargeUp Station on a High School campus can alleviate anxiety for students and their friends and families.

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